Goodnight, Sweet Caveman Prince

Nick Leddy is the defenseman of the future. Defensemen that can skate are the new norm and, as we’re learning with recent research on zone entries, guys that can skate with the puck in all three zones provide more value than can be measured by simple points and corsi. Leddy is a 22 year old that can skate like the wind, keep the puck on his tape, and flip the ice in a matter of seconds; he’s a player that can take the puck from behind his own net and carry it 180 feet with sometimes reckless abandon. Continue reading

When the S*** Goes Down

That’s basically the third line tonight. A mumbling, drunk guy who just isn’t very good (Kris Versteeg), a giant and not-good player (Michal Handzus), and a guy who is awesome but has no legs (Patrick Sharp).

After seeing the lines and speculating about all kinds of stuff for the future, I’ve gotta say that I’m just ready for this game to start. If you want any sort of analysis, this is not the place to get it today. I haven’t eaten anything and am not very good at math.

It should be time to break the glass and play Tyrion’s speech from Blackwater, but that’ll come before game 7. Remember, we still haven’t seen anything from this gentleman yet:


Never forget, folks. Never F*&#ing Forget.

Friends, acquaintances, and people that lack self-respect and teeth who root for the St. Louis Blues, I want to take you back to a time in the not-so-distant past. A time when gasoline cost $1.40 per gallon. A time when Aramark served weird grey meats on buns and sold them for 8 dollars as hamburgers at the United Center. A time when WWF referred to awesome wrestling and not animal charities. April 2002 to be exact.

On April 18th, 2002 the Chicago Blackhawks were gearing up for their first playoff game since Claude Lemieux hung four points on Jeff Hackett to send them to the golf course in 1997. They’d enter the playoffs as a 5 seed, facing the St. Louis Blues in the opening round.

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Great March Saviors in Hawks History

Whatcha gonna do, brother, when TeuvoMania runs wild on you? Hell, this lede is awful. I just wanted to use that sentence at some point. Anyway, as we prepare for Finnish Jesus to lead the Blackhawks to a third title in 5 years we need to pour one out for another European March call-up.

On this date in 2003 the Chicago Blackhawks found themselves 15 points out of a playoff spot with only 6 games left. They needed a HUGE boost to get into the playoffs as an 8th seed. It would have taken mass contraction, really, for the Hawks to get into the postseason. Regardless, general manager Mike Smith took it upon himself to upgrade the Blackhawks’ anemic offense after the trade deadline by bringing up KHL leading scorer and Russian import Alexander Radulov…

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